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Adam Recke is a special young man; he plays video games, he plays sports, he adores Philadelphia teams and he loves his family very much.  He awakes every day smiling, and his parents look at him adoringly, and with hope.  They hope because every day of Adam’s life is precious.

Adam has a very rare disease called Niemann-Pick Type C.  This rare and terminal disease affects very few individuals; in fact there are approximately only 500 cases worldwide.  Adam’s story begins here.

A sweet and innocent smile with a laugh that empowers happiness to anyone who meets Adam is what defines him.  From an early age, his sense of humor and his love for family and friends really molded Adam into a person that many people can only dream of becoming.  Adam’s involvement in community activities, sports and family make him a model for which all people should strive.  Adam’s story continues, and many people will see him at the events created in his honor to raise funding for research and awareness to keep this amazing boy enlivened and healthy.

Adam’s parents, friends, co-workers and community bonded together to form The Race for Adam Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to bolster funding for research and awareness for this very rare disease.  The Race for Adam 5K takes place each year in early summer; the Golf for a Cure takes place every year in the fall; The Ride for Adam takes place every summer; and the Corvettes for Adam takes place every fall.  These events, plus many more, make Adam proud and he would love to see all of you at these events because all he really wants is for everyone in his life to enjoy the lives they have, and he also wants everyone to have a good time so he can show you his smile.